World Learner Chinese Newsletter - April 10th, 2009

Ni Hao everyone (大家好)!
Welcome to another WLC Newsletter. Once again we hope everyone is progressing in their Chinese language studies. Here is another update on what is going on at WLC.
Menu Changes:
We have done some more changes to make it easier to access the most commonly used and new menu functions.
Additional Features:
We have added functions where members can both view and suggest FAQs. Members can submit a question for WLC experts or other site members to answer concerning site usageStatistics gathered listing the usage of a system or service over time. and the Chinese language.
Also, we have made public and some private User GroupsA memebership, group or club focused on a particular topic,activity or industry.   accessible to all site members. Own first public User Group is for the announcement of both online and offline “Meet Up Groups”.
In each member’s User Settings we have added a form where members can list their birthdays (Don’t worry. We would never make public how old you are.<:P) You’ll never know who may receive a gift from WLC? (A big hint just given.)
Chat Room Update:
We have updated our chat room to a multiple-topic platform chat room. Members can suggest a chat room to add. Once again many members are missing each other in the Chat Rooms by hairs. Remember members can post their online times in the Chat Room and Live Events section of the forums.
Private Messaging:
Members can now send direct private messages to other members from their control panel.
Private messages can be archived and categorized.  
Remember to drop intoThe Lobby Forum and meet new friends. Everyone is welcomed to post comments. Also, our course director, Page Lin, is waiting to answer your questions about learning Chinese. In the future, we hope to have moderators to help with the fourm management. Send us an email if you are interested in helping.
Heads up to the following members:
Maria-Antoaneta - We enjoy chatting with you and Diana.
Michio – Thanks for telling us about the duplicate slides in lessons 10 and 11.
Paul – Happy to hear you are 100’s on your Chinese tests.
For now 再見!