Forum & Chat Room Rules

World Learner Chinese ForumAn on or off line gathering of people to share thoughts or opinions. This may take the form of a group gathering at a physical location or online message board. Rules:


What you can post:

1. You can post anything relevant to the community and the topic listed.
2. Contraversial subjects are to be discussed in areas created for that purpose.
3. In order to encourage participation all comments are to be written with respect and courtesy.
4. Select the most appropiate forum for your post.
5. Announcing of special local or international events related to this sites content are

6. Honest, logical and fair debate is accepted.
7. Forums are open for use by all, but subject to control of the moderators and administrators.


What you can't post:

A. No defamatory statements or any kind.
B. No posting of statements that contain content of untrue nature or that is derogatory.
C. Posting of honest personal experiences or opinions must not be biased or manufactured.
D. To ensure a pleasant environment, no flames, personal attacks or contentious off-topic comments are
E. No comments that violates copyrights or trademarks, defame or slander or liable.
F. No offensive,foul, offensive, or crude language in ANY language.
G. No advertising of services that this site also provides.
H. Posts for the clear purpose of bashing public servants or regional goverments are not allowed.
I.   Advertising of personal (legal services) are to be discussed in areas provided for the purpose of.
J.  Multiple or duplicate posting are not allowed


World Learner Chinese reserves the right to delete any post or ban any ppl that violate these simple rules. Please help us avoid these problems by following these simple rules. World Learner Chinese makes no claim of authorship or copyright ownership with respect to any post.World Learner Chinese does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of any post made here and therefore assumes no legal responsibility for any such post.